Young People

MindSpace is a service for young people in the Barnsley area. To find out if we are in your school please see a member of your schools Wellbeing team.  You can discover a range of self-help strategies by   visiting the difficulties page using the button below.

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Mental Health Ambassador within your school or have an interest in making a difference to the mental health of young people in Barnsley, contact the Oasis Group, details on the Young Ambassador page of the website.

If you want to meet new friends and feel anxious about meeting new people TADS offer group sessions to support young people with a range of anxieties. Visit the TADS website for more information.


MindSpace is a platform for parents to get help themselves. Parents or carers can either make a referral to MindSpace for their child or seek support for themselves.  For a further understanding and to discover self-help strategies for any issues you or your child may be struggling with, please visit the difficulties page using the button below.

MindSpace are looking for parent volunteers who have accessed the MindSpace Parent service or previously struggled with mental health difficulties and feel they are now on the road to recovery, could you be part of a parent peer support  group? If you are interested email for further details.


MindSpace work with a range of professionals, social care, school nurse and many more, if you are a professional working with a young person who attends one of the 10 mainstream secondary schools in Barnsley and you think MindSpace can help, contact the school to refer or email for further advice. See our Difficulties page for supportive self-help strategies for young people and parents.

How Can You Help Us!

If you are a young person or parent using the website we would appreciate your feedback, with a focus on how we can add, change or adapt the website. Please contact us with any feedback regarding the website by emailing

This website is to support young people and families towards a future of positive mental health.