The more you worry about your weight and worry about food, the less you eat. In no time at all, Anorexia can quickly become a problem. A serious problem.

A serious problem, especially for girls, who are ten times more likely than boys to develop it.

That said, these days, boys are increasingly prone to developing eating disorders.



  1. Eating less and less
  2. Exercising too much
  3. Thinking a lot about calories
  4. Feeling panicky about eating in front or others or having a big meal
  5. Feeling fat even though people tell you you’re too thin
  6. Obsession with body image and comparing your body to others
  7. Losing interest in things
  8. Low mood and irritability
  9. Losing lots of weight quickly
  10. Feeling cold all the time
  11. Growing new downy hair on your body
  12. Constipation